Our story

gWINNER is one of the leading European brands in sports apparel, swimwear and functional bodywear. Since 1984 our company has taken pride in providing active people with brilliant quality, fashion forward and innovative products.

Get the most out of your fascinating life

We are passionate about discovering an active, happy and fulfilling lifestyle. We carefully design our products to give you the freedom of movement and boost your energy so that you can focus solely on what excites you.

Focus on your workout, let us do the rest

Excellent quality is at the heart of what we do. We are very proud to produce all apparel in Poland using high performance Italian fabrics (like Meryl Fiber®). These fabrics are able to breathe, dry more quickly and live longer than traditionally used ones. That is why your body will stay dry and comfortable while you will be sweating hard to acquire your dream shape.

Be at your best, emphasize your assets

Our diverse product range enables you to choose items that perfectly compliment your individuality and body shape. You will look and feel fabulous regardless of your size. Start with emphasing your assets, and mix it with a few pinches of confidence and sparkle. Ready? You should be glowing now.

Where to find our products?

The safest bet is in the waters across Europe, from Norway to Greece. You can also try your luck at gyms from Finland through Bulgaria to France. If you prefer non-European destinations, you can check stores and gyms in Egypt, South Africa or Canada. Our products eagerly travel to all places where our partners and customers take them.

Where to find us?

We are based in Poland, where we design, craft and test our apparel. In our offices and around you can see us wearing our products. That is why we can be sure that they are lovely, fit well and make us more adventurous about life. We are always excited to share our findings with our family, friends and customers so that they can also focus on discovering the bright and active side of life. Your life is in your hands, embrace it and enjoy every moment of it!

If you have any questions, please get in touch: info@gwinneractive.com We will be happy to hear from you.